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Location and Attractions

The Golden Eagle Vacation Cottages are situated in nature lovers’ paradise. Just 60 miles from the Oregon border and right next to Patricks Point State Park and by Trinidad, California. Witness stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and majestic redwoods.

Our cottages are in the ideal place for wildlife and nature lovers. Bird and whale watching, hiking, fishing, kayaking, are all available.

To find us simply take Exit 734 from US Highway 101. Go under the Highway bridge and follow Patricks Point Drive for about 3/4 of a mile. Then you’re there.

3751 Patrick’s Point Drive
Trinidad, CA 95570


Beaches and Parks include:

Patrick’s Point State Park – Covered in dense forests, meadows and oceanfront views. Visit Agate beach, watch sea lions and whales off the coast. Also visit Sumeg Village, a reconstructed indian village.

Old Home Beach/Indian Beach Is the site of the ancient Tsurai Indian village. A perfect location for walking.

Trinidad State Beach Park Which features Grandmother Rock, a wave-carved Arch off the coast with a natural bridge with a blow-hole, and tide-pools full of unique and colorful sea life.

Luffenholz Beach Scenery includes sea stacks, sea lions, a trail leading to a beautiful vantage point above the beach where the waves crash below.

Houda Point A scenic drive were you can watch surfers and see the remains of an old lumber loading station.

Moonstone See where the Little River meets the sea next to beautiful seaside cliffs.

College Cove A popular destination for locals and travelers alike. Hike down to a secluded and sheltered beach or up along the cliffs for a great view of the surf below.

Big Lagoon County Park A perfect place for relaxation or for novice kayakers, canoeing or rowing a boat because of how calm the water is.

Redwood National Park A short drive will take you to this see that great park with some of the tallest trees in the world.

Prairie Creek Set aside in the early 1920’s, Prairie Creek is a sanctuary of old growth coast redwood.


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