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My name is Marke H. Matthews I'm a 58 year old man that is ambitious, committed to personal growth, acquiring new skills and vested in the Health and Wellness industry. I enjoy being the concierge for the travelers that visit GOLDEN EAGLE VACATION RENTALS. At the inception of our third season of operations, G.E.V.R. is attracting travelers from across the U.S.A, Canada and Europe. My Mother and I created this gem of a family business from a raw piece of land in seven years. Now, I'm learning a new skill set to optimize the potential of this new business. I also enjoy gardening and creating a formal environment from a raw piece of nature. The water-feature at Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is spectacular. There are three tributaries that flow over gold/silver quartzite slabs into a pond that is bordered by a bog on the east side. The center waterfall cascades down inlaid fluted rocks, mined from the Trinity River in California at a rate of15,000 gal/hr. The east and west channels recycle 7,500 gal/hr each through the ecosystem. Exotic flora abounds and wildlife.  The night lighting, the coy fish introduced to the pond, and an adjacent hot tub/spa are the finishing touches remaining to be accomplished. I've been a 'team player' from childhood, participating on several organized sports teams. I enjoy building, coaching and working with teams in business and athletics. After I graduated from Humboldt State University in 1980 with a B.A. in Geology, I chose a career in reforestation practices. November 1980 - October 1988 (8 years)Humboldt County, California I labored for several subcontractors, who bid on Simpson Timber Co. contracts. The 'planting season' occurs during the rainy months, November-April. I planted over 500,000 one and two year old Douglas fir and Redwood trees during my career. Extremely physical and demanding ‘piece’ work, the satisfaction of viewing 25-30 year old stands of ‘super trees’ now fills me with gratitude for the opportunity to trek across those slopes. Pre-commercial tree thinning occurs during the dry season, May-September. It is also a physically demanding effort, requiring at least 6 continual hours operating a chain saw,...pushing through brush and thick stands of 'dog hair'. I entered the logging industry and was employed by smaller family owned ‘gypos.’ Initially I set chokers on down logs, worked as a ‘landing man’, bumping knots and bucking sections. Eventually, I became an operator of a D6 CAT, John Deere excavator and heil boom with graple to burn massive brush piles. I've been successful in my other business ventures. Since I've discovered how to create residual income, I pursue it with purpose and passion every day. I can accelerate the growth of your business by teaching the necessary internet marketing tools to create a huge list of ready to purchase followers, connecting with those people using automated emails, videos and broadcast webinars.

The 10 publicly Accessible Beaches Near Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals

Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is located on the Northern California Coast where the Redwoods Meet the Sea. Walk, Hike or Bike to 10 Public Beaches Near Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals!   Planning a vacation can be difficult if you do … Continue reading

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Explore the California North Coast and stay at Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals.

TRINIDAD, CA : California Coastal  National Monument  Gateway. Northern California is a vast and incredibly diverse region for those who come to play and be awed in many different ways. Its natural and cultural attractions include the majestic redwoods, misty … Continue reading

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